HoCare project established a cooperation with Interreg Europe HELIUM project»Health Innovation Experimental Landscape through Policy Improvement«. National Healthcare Service Centre from Budapest is a partner in both projects with an approach to share experiences between projects and to establish synergies.

More information about HELIUM project: https://www.interregeurope.eu/helium/helium/

National Healthcare Service Centre organized the 4rd meeting of the HoCare Regional Multi-Stakeholder Group on 20th March 2018 in Budapest. The aim of the meeting was to discuss details of the draft Action Plan elaborated for the Hungarian Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme (EDIOP).

In order to establish synergies between the Hocare and Helium Interreg projects NHSC invited not only HoCare, but HELIUM stakeholders as well. The very same day HoCare stakeholders attended HELIUM stakeholder meeting too, where they could receive information on the outcomes of the various staff exchange visits, recently organized in the framework of the Helium project and learnt about selected GP-s from UK, Portugal, and Belgium, as well as had the opportunity to get acquainted with the different possible scenarios of GP transfer, offered by the Action Plan prepared for the HELIUM project.

In the end of the HoCare RMG meeting stakeholders of both projects participated in a moderated debate on how a local living lab model – in case of healthcare & social care actors having a cross-border cooperation- could enforce the uptake of timely, and rapid implementation, and correct diagnostics for infectious diseases into integrated healthcare.