During the third "Innovation and Business Forum 2017" at the Technical University of Varna (Bulgaria), Silvia Stumpf from the Business Agency Association presented how innovations in health and home care technology can be drastically accelerated by implementing new concepts and experiences accumulated as a result of an intensive learning process between regions, ensured by the programme Interreg Europe.

The project's activities open new territories of cooperation between academia and business and innovators from the city and the country in the field of the recently underestimated area of innovation of home care, confirmed the participants in the conference and at the round table where Ms Stumpf was a moderator. The conference was held on 13-14 October at the Technical University of Varna and was organized by the Center for Applied Technologies Related to Health at the University Research Institute, with participants from the academic community, PhD students, innovative business companies and R&D organizations in the field of health and home care.

The forum was focused on innovation and technological solutions in industry, health and education. The forum was attended by prominent scientists from the country working in the field of prevention and treatment of diseases related to aging of the brain, breast cancer and others. There were presented developments of technologies and services for health, home care, industrial innovation and modern technologies in education, based on modern information and communication technologies. The results of the project and the overall work on promoting partnership and co-operation in the quadruple helix in the region and the country as well as the benefits of interregional learning processes have attracted a strong interest and triggered the reinforcement of the dialogue in the spiral and the quest for new opportunities. Ideas were also communicated directly to the Managing Authority of the Operational Program Innovation and Competitiveness as an associated strategic partner in Hocare project on the Bulgarian side.