Advisory Partner Linde Egberts discusses the role of cultural heritage in the development of national policy, focusing on the case study of the Dutch Wadden Sea Region.

She will present her paper during the Symposium on the History, Landscape and Cultural Heritage of the Wadden Sea Region, that will be held in Husum, Germany, from 1 to 3 December 2016.

The title of her paper is:

Future for Cultural History of the Dutch Wadden Region

Challenges and Policies in a Maritime Cultural Landscape. The aim of attending this conference is to get grip on the conceptual and academic field of heritage in coastal landscapes, which is of great importance to the HERICOAST project. Many of the discussions in the Wadden Sea area are relevant for other coastal landscapes as well. This way, Linde Egberts is able to reflect upon the premises and progress of the HERICOAST project, for example the tension between nature conservation and heritage care.

Another recurring topic is that of tourism in peripheral and vulnerable landscapes. Also, the topic of climate change and relative sea water level rising will be discussed and is applicable in many other European coastal landscapes. Learning from and comparing with her colleagues in the same field enables Egberts to frame the development of new regional policies and the HERICOAST toolbox in a broader perspective