In November 2019, near the end of the implementation monitoring phase, HERICOAST will present all the achievements at an event with high-level political participation to illustrate policymakers’ active involvement in the project's work.

HOTEL VENUE: Silken Uribarren Jauregia (Lekeitio)


Tuesday 5 November

 20.30 Arrival at Leartibai. Welcome event and dinner    

Wednesday 6 November.    CONFERENCE DAY 1  

Venue: Silken Uribarren Jauregia and Santa Katalina Lighthouse (Lekeitio)

9.00        Welcome speech (President of the Development Agency: Jon Arriola)

9.30        SESSION 1: Heritage, landscape and development                                                                                   Keynote speakers and panel discussion 

              1.Mikel Xabier Aizpuru (Director of cultural heritage - Basque Government)                                        What policies do you use to activate or preserve your heritage from your department?

              2.Iñigo Uriarte (Basque Government Tourism Dep.Public - private partnerships and                     regional development manager)                                                                                                                 The importance of public/private collaboration in project management (tourism                         activation)

             3.María Peraita (UNESCO - Cultural landscapes and heritage of the University of the Basque                 Country)                                                                                                                                                     Heritage recovery as a key to improve local development

             4.Linde Egberts (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)                                                                                          Value interregional learning between coastal regions

             5.Sneska Quaedvlieg Mihailovic (Europa Nostra) - TBC

             Moderated debate with the experts Chair: Dirk Gotzmann, Civilscape 

11.00     Break

11.30     SESSION 2: Hericoast project                                                                                                                       The state of play of interregional cooperation   -   Alexis François, Interreg Europe                                       Joint Secretariat

               Project learning process and key results   Kåre Kristiansen, Vest-Agder County Council.

               Action plans, transfer of good practices and regional impact 6 HERICOAST                partner regions.

13:30    Lunch at SILKEN Uribarren Jauregia, Lekeitio

14:45    Closing remarks . Koldo Goitia, Mayor of Lekeitio                                                                                                     Basque dances and a chorus with Basque songs.  

15:30    SESSION 3: Heritage as a strategic resource for development.                                                         Thematic introduction to the good practices  -   Dirk Gotzmann Civilscape.

              On site demonstration of Leiketio’s maritime heritage center at Santa                                        Katalina Lighthouse   -  Nekane  Irusta, Leartibai Development Agency

             Transfer of the good practise to Donegal County  -  Alana Green, Donegal County Council

18:30    Visit Ondarroa

20:00    Dinner at Batzoki, Ondarroa.

Thursday 7 November.   CONFERENCE DAY 2   

 Venue: Albaola Sea Factory 

08.00     Bus to Albaola, Pasaia.

09.30     SESSION 4: Public-private partnerships                                                                                         Thematic introduction to the good practices   -   Dirk Gotzmann, Civilscape

               Museum of Albaola     -     Welcome speech Erme Pedroso 

               Good practice of territorial economic management model for public private                collaboration       -     Adolpho Colagiovanni, Molise region

               Basque heritage-tourism: Getaria   -    Iñigo Uriarte, Basquetour.  

13.00     Lunch in Getaria - Short presentation of the foundation Mundubira Elkano 500. 

15.00    End of the event

16.30    Arrive at the airport of Bilbao 

17.00    Arrive in Bilbao

More information on registration will follow.In the meantime, we invite you to explore some of the good practises of the partner regions in the Hericoast-toolbox