The regional advisory group consist of 8 policy makers amongst the key stakeholders: the two county councils of Vest and Aust-Agder and the four municipalities of Farsund, Lindesnes, Arendal and Tvedestrand.

The group discussed the focus of the work with the action plan for improvement of the policy instrument "Strategy for cultural heritage sector in Vest-Agder, priority axis historic outports".

The group decided on 10 points that should be taken into consideration in this line of work:


• a common definition of the cultural environments in question (historic outports)

• collecting existing knowledge of heritage in the cultural environment

• increasing competence within the municipalities

• increasing engagement and dialogue with private owners

• support work with new zoning plans for one or more cultural environments

• Guidelines for a common visual profile for the cultural environments

• Consider standard for physical sign and digital dissemination

• Increased involvement of tourism sector

• Integration of the work with the national policy on historical landscape of national interests

• Good practice guide for municipalities.