Dr. Linde Egberts of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam represents the Hericoast project during the Oceans and Shores, Heritage, People and Environments conference in Lisbon. From 15 to 17 July 2017, the Portuguese Centre for Global History organises this interdisciplinart conference in order to address the historic understanding of how people have interacted with coastal zones in the course of history and in various geographies. The presence of the sea in human societies and the use of sea by people have produced both tangible and intangible heritage, impacts and memories, that can help us understand the historical relation of people and the sea and shape its legacy for future generations.

• It is this heritgae context that Linde Egberts will adress in her paper “Managing cultural heritage in peripheral coastal landscapes: interregional knowledge exchange” during the session Coastal cultural heritage: assets, risks, opportunities. This session is convened by Ana Garcia (CHAM - New University of Lisbon), Marisa Ronan (Trinity College Dublin) and Sanne Bech Holmgaard (Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research). More information on the session can be found under: www.nomadit.co.uk/cham/cham2017/panels.php5