A presentation was given that outlined the project details, in particular the management of the significant heritage assets of the coastal landscapes. 3 stakeholders attended the meeting.The Stranorlar Municipal District has no coastline but it was put to them that there are similarities with the types of issue in this region (important salmon rivers and EU habitat designations) and those of the coast although the nature of the coastal pressures would not relate so much within the fertile, arable rural countryside of this area. The following individual elements of the landscape and seascape and more importantly their interrelationships were presented:

• The sea

• Synergy between the land and sea

• The coastal edge

• Coastal Diversity

• The islands

• Interdependencies between land and sea

• Coastal leisure use

• Built heritage

• Maritime architecture

• Military heritage

• Visiting experience

• Opportunities for positive coastal development

• Iconic landmarks

The potential for international learning was discussed building on the experiences of our workshops in both Norway and Romania, and the potential of using this learning to address heritage within the county is great. It was reiterated that whilst the focus of the project was coastal there was an element of transferability of the learning to this fertile river valley.

Various uses of the landscape were discussed with a particular focus on the Stranolar MD district and how the relationship with the inland arable areas and coastal region manifesitself; it was felt that the links were primarily the direct route through this area to this coast and a discussion ensued about how this aspect could be harnessed within the area.  

A discussion around the need to achieve a balance when redeveloping coastal landscapes in the context of developing a policy framework should be addressed in the context of the wider region to which it relates whilst also being informed by the wider shared experience across the partner regions, informed by the pivotal role of the significant heritage assets of the region.

The focus of the meeting was how the various heritage assets within this geographical region could inform the project and equally how the learning from the project could be used to inform heritage policy and products within this area.


Stakeholders generally welcomed the positive impact of the project on the future management of Donegals heritage offer, and the resultant development pressures.