The presentation focused on the following sectors of the coastal cultural heritage in order to focus discussion and consideration of the individual elements and as importantly their interrelationships were presented:

• The sea

• Synergy between the land and sea

• The coastal edge

• Coastal Diversity

• The islands

• Interdependencies between land and sea

• Coastal leisure use

• Built heritage

• Maritime architecture

• Military heritage

• Visiting experience

• Opportunities for positive coastal development

• Iconic landmarks

The potential for international learning was discussed and we discussed the experiences of our workshops in both Norway and Romania. We referenced the difference and similarities of the different landscapes and existing policies of both Norway and Romania, and how we can use shared learning to inform the protection and management of the very significant and varied heritage of the our region and that our systems and policy frameworks could influence the shared learning reiterative learning experience with the other partner regions.

A discussion ensued around the need to achieve a balance when redeveloping coastal landscapes to develop a policy framework informed by the wider shared experience across the partner regions and informed by the pivotal role of the significant heritage assets of the region.

The focus of the meeting was very much on the opportunities that coastal heritage presents and the potential pressures on coastal heritage. Conflicting pressure based on potential/ identified effects on the receiving coastal heritage were identified as a particular area that required further consideration, with reference made to Transient dependant infrastructure, hard infrastructural developments, environmental degradation, coastal industry, tourism exploitation, inappropriate development resulting from a lack of policy intervention, natura 2000 sites, shell fish farming, and other various pollutants.


Stakeholders welcomed the positive impact of the project on the future management of Donegal’s significant heritage offer, and the resultant development pressures. Also discussed was the potential of the project in informing applications for future funding, highlighting the importance of learning from the 10-15yrs experience built up in-house on similar projects as well as the potential for other projects on coastal heritage flowing from the HERICOAST project.