Leartibai Development Agency report the project activities and following to the stakeholders 3 people attending

Bidatz Basterretxea and Nekane Irusta, as project managers of Leartibai Development Agency, explain to the different stakeholders, the objectives, phases, learning process and partners of HERICOAST project.

About the main outputs and activities in HERICOAST project in S2, we highlight these ones:

• Territorial analysis

• Stakeholder´s communication strategy

• Stakeholders meetings and dissemination event.

• Good practices identification

• Digitalization

• Partners visit to Lea Artibai and The Basque Country in January

Related to the next semester activities, in May it will be the third workshop of the project, which it´s going to take place in the region of Castilla y Leon.

This workshop will consist of several workshops, meetings and field visits that we consider to be of great interest to the project. Within the field visit, we will be able to know the work that is being carried out in the dynamization of the territory