On the 21st of March 2017 was held the conference for the HERICOAST project which was marked by a series of stages of progress achieved and fulfilled.

It is worth mentioning that at the conference, besides the implementation team from UAT Tulcea and the representatives of stakeholders involved, took part and many important policymakers which have expressed their interest towards the potential of the project and the impact it has during and after the implementation in related economic activities- tourism (ecoturism, historical), regional development activities, economic recovery.

The whole meeting gathered more than 30 persons from various fields of activities related to the project. Also, everyone was informed that, as an important part in the project implementation, two important studies were developed, namely Stakeholder Strategy and Territorial Analysis.

The President of Tulcea County Council has sent a message of support on the development of similar projects, pointing out that HERICOAST is a concrete example in this regard, especially because it integrates complementary elements, having implications both economic and cultural.