16 stakeholders attended the first local stakeholder meeting that took place on July, 6

The local stakeholder working table include the mayors of the region, regional fisheries organizations, institutions linked to the development of the region, such as Azaro Fundaizoa and the rural development agency, and Lea Ibarra Municipal association. 

The background of the meeting have been the importance that rural and coastal heritage have had in the development of the tourism sector in Lea Artibai. 

The stakeholder meeting included the presentations of the project, the results of the first field visit and the presentation of the goal of the stakeholder group and its working dynamic. Moreover, the participants have had the chance to rise their doubts and make their contributions. 

The first presentation has been the one related to the HERICOAST project. 

The second presentation was related with the results of the first field visit. 

The second part of the meeting has focused in the definition of the role played by the stakeholders in the project. 

In the case of Lea Artibai it has been defined two types of stakeholders. 

  1.  Stakeholders who will actively participate in the workshops. 
  2.  Stakeholders participate indirectly because although their contributions can be significant they are not considered strategic stakeholders.

As part of the first group there are some organizations identify and some contacts has been made such as Azaro Fundazioa and Basquetour but still the identification of other strategic stakeholder is in process.

At the end of the meeting the stakeholders conveyed the importance of the participation of the region in the project and the commitment to participate in the initiatives related with the project