June 10, Nekane Irusta, as project manager of Leartibai Development Agency, explained to Ainhoa Arrizubieta and Leire Seara, manager and innovation technician of Azaro Fundazioa, the objectives, phases, learning process and partners of HERICOAST project.

One of objectives of the Plan is “to ensure a rational and responsible natural heritage and preservation of the cultural heritage” where this agent is the one who brings a regional point of view. They are relevant to its enhancement on a sustainable basis and dissemination. 

They are relevant to its enhancement on a sustainable basis and dissemination. 

Azaro Fundazioa is an organisation whose goal is to promote the creation of new businesses and improve the competitiveness of business fabric in its immediate surroundings, preferably in the Lea Artibai region. 

They share with Leartibai Development Agency the BIOBERDEA strategy to the economical development of the region, which has this general objective: 

Renew the fabric of the region through the creation of new businesses and innovation projects and intra-entrepreneurship in businesses of the Region, preferably in the defined strategic fields/sectors (health, healthy, -food, wellness). To do this, they will work on the keys to the competitiveness of the regional business community: 

  • entrepreneurship, 
  • cooperation,
  • innovation,
  • internationalization
  • redefining business models and management

The methodological working approach revolves around a systemic view of local development and taking into account the principles of the blue economy.

Azaro Fundazioa is also the CEO of Leartibai Development Agency. 

In order to ensure the participation of Azaro Fundation in the project, we will meet every semester to report about the project, and we will invite them too to participate in next workshops that would be interesting for us.