On April 24, Nekane Irusta, as project manager of Leartibai Development Agency, explained to Iñigo Uriarte, responsible of the Tourism Master Plan for the Basque Coast, managed by Basquetour, the Tourism Agency of the Basque Government the objectives, phases, learning process and partners of HERICOAST project.

One of objectives of the Plan is “to ensure a rational and responsible natural heritage and preservation of the cultural heritage” where this agent is the one who brings a touristic point of view. They are relevant to its enhancement on a sustainable basis and dissemination. 

As we said in our form, Basquetour will use the results of the project as a good practice of sustainable tourism enhancement of the maritime heritage in order to implement them in other areas. 

The Tourism Master Plan for the Basque Coast, managed by Basquetour, coordinates the different initiatives promoted by all of the organisations which work in the development of tourism in the towns and regions of the Basque Country. Basquetour is in charge of promoting the tourism in the Basque Country, so they have deep knowledge of its heritage. They are experts in enhancing and disseminating it with a holistic approach in accordance with the Basque Tourism Strategy. They are also in contact with the entire touristic network. 

That is the reason why Basquetour is one important stakeholder for Leartibai Development Agency in this project. 

In order to ensure the participation of Basquetour in the project, we will meet every semester to report about the project, and we will invite Basquetour too to participate in next workshops that would be interesting for us.