One can find historical outports in all of the 12 coastal municipalities Agder. Each of the 12 coastal municipalities has been asked to appoint a contact person for the HERICOAST-project. This group of persons will be a large stakeholder group that will meet on a regular basis discussing the implementation of the project.

 The purpose of the meeting was to gather all the coastal municipalities of Agder for the first time. The county council gave a general presentation of the HERICOAST-project and the newly adapted regional strategy for the historical outports.   

 The presentation was followed by each municipality that presented their historical outport and the main challenges they are facing. Two kinds of challenges were shared by the main part of the municipalities. 

  • The first one was the pressure from private developers for developing the areas around the outports with more leisure housing. 
  • The second one was the lack of knowledge amongst the politicians and advisers on the values of the outports.

 In totals 12 municipalities, 2 county councils and 1 association of local history were present and a total of 28 persons (25 persons outside and 3 from Vest-Agder County Council).