September 20, Donegal County Council held a meeting with 17 persons from the tourism sector including 4 local tourism organizations, the education sector and commercial, community and cultural representatives.

The focus and purpose of the meeting was to introduce the group to the HERICOAST project. 

The details of the project were presented, including the nature of the project, the partner regions, the timeline and budget of the project and how it will inform policy development and management of the coastal region of Donegal. 

In this regard, the presentation focused on natural, built and cultural assets of the Coastal region of the county, and the opportunities and threats that this region face and the value and necessity for the appropriate management of these assets for the benefit of the local communities and the wider region.  

The group discussed the various opportunities that the project presents for the effective management of the coastal asset in all its facets and the timely nature of the project, given the recent success of the Wild Atlantic Way and the issues that have arisen due to the huge increase in numbers along this route in the past year.