After a short presentation of participants the meeting started at 10:00 with institutional greetings of Mr. Mauro Di Muzio, Head of Soil Protection, State Property, Hydraulic and Maritime Works Office of Molise Region, who welcomed Spanish delegation formed by Jesús del Val Recio Head of Department of the General Direction of Cultural Heritage in the Regional Government of Castile and Leon, and  HERICOAST project managers (technicians staff) Laura Cuevas and Celia Fuentes.


Mr. Mauro presented the activities carried on by the Region, underlining the importance of cooperation activities, specially related to HERICOAST project good practices exchange.Then he gave the floor to Mr. Marcello Vecchiarelli and Mrs Angela Costantini from Municipality of Termoli presenting Costa dei Delfini brand, ( marketing sustainable touristic project implemented by coastal municipalities of Molise: Termoli (Lead), Campomarino, Montenero di Bisaccia, and Petacciato.

Spanish delegation had several questions about the brand as: what entities can the brand be directed to, which products or services does it include, who manages the use of the brand, if it is free or paid and Mr. Vecchiarelli provided the information required, explaining the use of the tools for brand creation in order to increase the attractiveness of the Molise coast and to create jobs in the tourist information, accommodation and catering sector. 

Then he underlined as the Costa dei Delfini brand carried out a new strategy to harmonize the economic tourist development and cultural/naturalistic heritage valorization of Molise coast, developing a territorial marketing project on 4 coastal countries and 5 inland countries (San Martino in Pensilis, San Giacomo degli Schiavoni, Portocannone, Guglionesi and Montecilfone), creating a brand and a communication strategy, sharing an image that identifies the entire coastline of the Molise, approving of the trademark by the municipal councils, creating a network between all economic and institutional actors, increasing their chances, and a partnerships with the two training institutions that play a strategic role in the city of Termoli: the Hotel Institute and the University of Molise. Here is a link to the Castile and Leon regional action plan:

Subsequently, the video of the Castilian Waterway was showed, here is the link - Transformation of the waterway and former flour factory, they explained to the participants the main features of the Castilla y Leon practice, presented within HERICOAST Project, and how the transformation of the Castilla waterway had used cultural heritage as a driver for a wider process, taking advantage of the existing asset (the waterway) to provide public access for leisure and recreation activities.

 Mrs. Rosanna Pacchioli, marketing director of Tourist Port “Marina Sveva”, took the floor briefly introducing the activities carried on by the private organization that manages the Tourist port.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Adolfo Colagiovanni, HERICOAST Project Coordinator for Molise Region, thanked first of all Spanish delegation for coming, taking part at the event and for the contributions provided, then he thanked everyone for participating.


The workshop ended at 13:00.


16 people attended the meeting.