The XI AR&PA Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage is the result of the fusion of Biennial of Heritage Restoration and Management, held in Valladolid since 1998, and the Portuguese trade fair


This edition will have the topic “European Year of Cultural Heritage” .


AR&PA Biennial is a professional meeting point and discussion forum for professionals and institutions involved in protecting and managing Cultural Heritage.


Thanks to its exhibition area, the great variety of scientific and professional activities carried out and its social programming, the AR&PA Biennial has become one of the leading trade fairs in the sector in Europe. Since 1998, Valladolid has hosted the AR&PA Biennial, a meeting point and discussion forum about Cultural Heritage. The only event of its kind to be held in Spain.


Within this framework, HERICOAST participated in AR&PA with an area to show the outputs derived from the 1st phase of the project and give visibility to the contribution of the stakeholders in the achievement of them. Also, a discussion area was available to encourage potential interested stakeholders and policy makers.

Different entities such as the Clunny association and the University of Burgos, and local people from the municipalities linked to the Castille Waterway approached to the meeting point to know more about the  project and in particular they were very interested in HERICOAST in the Castile waterway.


The dissemination of the project has been completed with a presentation of the Action Plan in a Technical Workshop at AR & PA 2018. This conference was titled actions sustainable for the Canal de Castilla. It took place in the Atapuerca Room of the Miguel Delibes Auditorium, in Valladolid, on Friday, November 9, from 12.30 to 13.30.  

This technical conference to disseminate the regional action plan was given by Arturo Balado from Patrimonio Inteligente company. The technical conference was completed with the contribution of the Leartibai partner.