The meeting took place the last 17th of May 17 from10 am to 14 pm at the headquarters of the Regional Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Castille and Leon and leaded by  Arturo Balado from Patrimonio Inteligente Castilla y León S.L .

The aim of the meeting with the stakeholders of the HERICOAST project was  to analyze a series of actions based on the good practices provided by the members of the HERICOAST project enrolled in the INTERREG EUROPE program . It was intended to select those actions that will be worked later on and that will constitute the Castile waterway action plan.

The meeting started with the presentation of an analysis  of the different resources of the Castile waterway:

• Fluvial resources (locks, bridges, flour factories, aqueducts, mills…)

• Heritage resources (BIC assets) such as churches, castles, museums …

• Tourist resources activities that you can practice in the Waterway and tourist offices.

The stakeholders were informed about the partner regions which participate in the project.

Three actions were proposed taking into account the good practices presented by the partners regions:

• The reconstruction of a barge of the Castile Waterway.

• The creation of a brand of the Castile Waterway.

• Reusing rehabilitate buildings.


1.The reconstruction of a barge of the Castile Waterway is based in the good practice presented by the region of Leartibai the Albaola. For this is necessary a historic study of the barges and to contact with shipyard works to estimate the possibilities of the reconstruction. The stakeholders proposed the barge could move to the different municipalities through the waterway.


2.The creation of a brand of the Castile Waterway is based in the good practice presented by the Molise Region the Coast of Dolphins, the stakeholders agree to create a common brand which brings together all the resources of the different municipalities of the Castile waterway with an advertising campaign to promote it, they decided to include here the creation of “the Canalero passport” , the Canalero passport is a certificate that you can get when you walk through the Castile waterway, it needs to be stamped through the ways you go.


3. Reusing rehabilitated buildings are based in the good practices presented by Tulcea County Council Casa Avramide. The Mayor of Herrera de Pisuerga proposed to reuse the existing buildings which are already rehabilitated, and everybody agreed this idea.

The present stakeholders showed their interest in the possibility to achieve all possible present actions for the action plan of the Castile waterway.

At the end of the meeting Arturo Balado thanked everybody for the attendance to the meeting and for the contributions provided.

The meeting finished at 14.00 p.m. 16 persons attended the meeting.