8 policy makers amongst key stakeholders met in order to be informed and discuss project progress.

The meeting had the following subjects on the agenda:

1. Update on running project activities: i) public meeting in historical outports; ii) newly funded project for value creation and cultural heritage.; iii) cooperation with University of Agder on pre project on research, innovation and heritage management; iv) newly produced short film on historical outports; v) cooperation with National Maritime Museum; vi) plan for dissemination meeting for elected councillors in the county councils.

2. Hericoast: update on work of Vest-Agder as lead partner. Focusing on financial management, progress reporting and interregional workshops

3. Definition of historical outports. Ongoing discussion about the delineation of what cultural environments to include in the project activities.

4. Update on economy of the county councils.

5. ASSETS: request for participation in reference group in H2020-application on cultural heritage management. Based on the role as LP in Hericoast Vest-Agder have been asked to be listed as a member of a reference group in H2020-application (awaiting 2nd stage submission).