During two days the county councils of Vest-Agder & Aust-Agder invited to four open meetings about the protection and future development of historical outports of Agder. The meetings were organised together with the local associations of private house owners and took place in:

Lyngør: 26.05 at 11:30 (approx. 90 participatns)

Arendal/Merdø: 26.05 at 17:00 (approx. 100 participants)

 Svinør: 27.05.at 10:30 (approx. 45 participants)

Loshavn: 27.05.at 15:30 (approx. 30 participants)

The meeting agenda was:

1. Introduction by the local association of private house owners.

2. Information from the local municipality

3. Presentation of Hericoast and the regional project on historical outports by Vest-Agder and Aust-Agder County Councils. The presentation included the short film on local heritage assets produced by the project.

4. Information about the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Fond and possibilities for economic support for rehabilitation of historic buildings by the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Fond.

5. Information on dendrochronology as a method to date the age of houses by the Danish National Museum in Copenhagen.

6. Discussion.