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Application procedure

How can I apply with a project proposal?

You can submit your project application together with the uploaded compulsory annexes (i.e. partner declarations and if needed letters of support) through an online system (iOLF). Once a call for proposals opens, the access to the online system opens for all applicants to work on their online forms. Applications need to be submitted before the call ends, as the online system then closes. 

We encourage you to use the iOLF system to have the annexes to the application filled in automatically (partner declarations and letter(s) of support, if applicable). That way you can ensure consistency in names of institutions and policy instruments between the application and the annexes. 

The iOLF system generates these documents as pre-filled PDF files. Remember that they need to be signed and uploaded back to the system before the submission. 

Caution: Once the annexes are generated, the relevant sections in the application form (such as budget, names of institutions, names of policy instruments) should not be updated anymore. Otherwise, the annexes would need to be generated anew. 

Please note that the online system experiences heavy traffic in the final days and hours of the call. Applicants are advised not to wait for the last moment to submit their application in order to ensure that their application gets successfully through before the call closes.

What documents are required to submit an application?

The following documents must be uploaded as annexes to each application:

  • for all partners (including the lead partner and advisory partners): partner declaration
  • if the body in charge of a policy instrument addressed is not part of the project: a letter of support mentioning all the partners addressing the policy instrument in question.

It is not possible to provide additional documents to explain the content of the application (e.g. concept notes, figures or pictures).

Is the online application sufficient or is it required to send also some documents by post?

From the second call for proposals on, the application process is fully online. This means that all compulsory annexes must be scanned and uploaded directly on the online system (iOLF). It is no longer necessary to send any documents by post.

If two partners address the same policy instrument, how many support letters should be provided?

If the owner of the policy instrument is not part of the project partnership, all project partners addressing this policy instrument have to be mentioned in a support letter signed by the owner of the policy instrument. They can be listed on the same letter or two letters can be provided.

The support letters/partner declaration have been printed on blank paper instead of headed paper. Is this a problem?

The template text, the fields filled in by the partners, the partner stamp (if available), and the signature of the letters of support and partner declarations will be checked to verify the eligibility of an application. Apart from the fields to be filled in by the partners, the template text provided must not be amended. The header of the document will not be checked. Therefore, it is not necessary to print the letter of support or partner declaration on headed paper. In some rare cases, partner institutions do not have a stamp. This will not make the application ineligible provided all other eligibility criteria are fulfilled.

Do we have to list the partners and the policy instruments in a specific order in the application form?

No, there is no obligation regarding the order in which partners and policy instruments are listed in the application form.

However, if possible, it is easier for the project assessor to work if partner 1 addresses policy instrument 1 and so on.