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4th call for proposals

When was the fourth call for proposals launched?

The fourth call for proposals was launched on 7 May 2018. The exact dates of the fourth call for proposals are 7 May 2018 – 22 June 2018 (midday) CEST (Paris time).

What are the priorities open for the fourth call?

Projects can be submitted under any of the four priority axes of the programme. However, some topics have already been particularly successful in the first three calls:

  • Priority axis 1: governance of RIS3, clusters within RIS3, innovation in the health sector and innovation in food
  • Priority axis 2: internationalisation of SMEs, innovation capacity of SMEs in rural / peripheral regions and entrepreneurship
  • Priority axis 3: energy efficiency in buildings and urban mobility
  • Priority axis 4: circular economy

Fourth call project proposals addressing one of the above topics needed to demonstrate how they differed from (and possibly complement) the numerous projects already approved in these fields. 

On the other hand, important issues such as renewable energy, water quality or waste management are still underrepresented among the 184 approved projects

What are the documents available to provide information on the fourth call and to help us in preparing an application?

Besides the programme manual, the terms of reference of the fourth call for proposals provide useful guidance to the applicants. In addition, PDF versions of the letter of support and of the partner declaration to fill in by applicants are available. All those documents are part of the application pack.

Who decides on the selection of applications?

The Monitoring Committee of Interreg Europe. It is composed of representatives of all countries that are partners in the programme, that is EU28 + Norway and Switzerland.

When will the fourth call projects be approved and when will they start?

We expect that the evaluation process of the project proposals will last approximately six months and that the projects will start early 2019.

How many projects will be approved under the fourth call for proposal?

The number of projects that will be approved depends on the quality of the applications and on the budget requested.

The total ERDF budget after the first three calls for proposal (approximately EUR 74 million) of the Interreg Europe programme is made available for the fourth call for proposals.