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Programme funding

What is the co-financing rate for project partners?
  • Public bodies and bodies governed by public law will be co-financed at a rate of 85%;
  • Private non-profit bodies at a rate of 75%;
  • Norwegian organisations at 50%.
  • Organisations from Switzerland need to contact the Swiss national point of contact to receive information on Swiss funding opportunities
Partners will receive a contribution of 85%/ 75%/ 50% of the project costs from the programme. Is the remaining 15%/ 25%/ 50% supposed to be provided by themselves or by other public funds (for example, national)?

The national contribution has to be provided by the partner organisations themselves. It is up to these organisations to find this contribution. In some countries, there may be provisions to fund fully or partly the national co-financing required. This information should be checked at national level through the national points of contact.

Are private entities eligible for funding under Interreg Europe?

Private non-profit bodies are eligible under Interreg Europe with a co-financing rate of 75%.

How strongly must the integration of regional funds be committed at the application phase?

At the application stage, only the co-financing should be secured by each participating partner.

At the end of phase 1 of the project, an action plan for each region should be produced and the funding sources to implement each action, if needed, should be identified.

What amount should appear in the partner declaration?

The amount stated in the partner declaration should at least cover the amount of the partner contribution (15%, 25% or 50% of the partner’s budget depending on the legal status and location of the partner) or the total amount in case the partner is not applying for Interreg Europe co-financing.

To illustrate with an example: a public authority’s total budget is €150,000. The programme’s co-financing would be €127,500 (ERDF: 85% of the total budget) and the partner contribution would be €22,500 (partner contribution: 15% of the total budget for a public authority or a body governed by public law). This partner would have to indicate at least €22,500 in the partner declaration.

The amount has to be at least the same as in the application form. Please note that all figures in the budget section of the application are rounded up to the nearest Euro.

Please see also sections 4.4 Partnership, 5.2. Submission (point B. Partner declaration) and 5.3.1 Eligibility assessment in the programme manual for more details.

In the online application system iOLF you will have to submit partner declarations, which commit each partner to a specific co-funding. In the past, many errors occurred with regards to the amount of co-funding, stated in the document. Therefore, from the third call the template no longer mentions the amount but refers to the relevant section of the application form instead. 

Will you launch another call for projects in this programming period?

No. We have allocated all our funds for the 2014-2020 programming period.

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