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Good practices

What does the map included in the good practice page show?

The map included in the good practice page is programmed to display a pin in the middle of the country/region/city where the good practice is localised. These details correspond to what you mention in the form when submitting a good practice ('location of good practice' section).

If you would rather want to show the exact location of your good practice, please contact us and we will make the necessary changes. 

When do I indicate the good practice is coming from an Interreg Europe project?

A good practice should be linked to a project when it has been identified as part of the interregional learning process during an Interreg Europe project (i.e. to be reported under the indicator “number of good practices identified” in the progress report). 

If you are involved in more than one project, please choose the project for which you are submitting this good practice.

If you are submitting a good practice that has not been identified during an Interreg Europe project’s exchange of experience process, reply 'NO' in the good practice submission form to the question ‘Are you involved in an Interreg Europe project?’.

Where can project partners find information on how to submit their good practice(s)?

General information about good practices and on how to submit them is available at the following link.

What role does a web admin play in the good practice publication?

All project partners with Interreg Europe community account can submit a good practice for publication.

Your web administrator's role is to check the overall quality of the information about the good practice and validate its link to the project.

Once an author submits a good practice linked to an Interreg Europe project, the project web administrators receive a notification email. After login to the web admin account and under the Good practices tab, you will find a list of good practices related to your project. Please note that this tab is on your personal dashboard, not on your project editing dashboard.

Click on the title of the good practice with the status 'Waiting for approval'. Read the good practice description carefully and at the very end you will find three buttons:

  1. If you find the good practice complete and linked to your project and you want it to be published on your project website, click OK. It confirms both its quality and the link to the project. The good practice is then published on the project website under Good practices and sent for further validation to the Interreg Europe team. If further validated, the good practice will appear also in the programme Good practice database. The status of the good practice changes to 'Published on project website. Under validation.'
  2. If you find that the good practice does not come from your project, decline the good practice by clicking NO.
  3. If you see that the good practice is linked to your project, but some information is missing, you can send the good practice for further improvement to the author by clicking MAYBE.