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What is the tab Users for?

People involved in your project with an account in the Interreg Europe community can request to be linked to the project.

A tab Users on the web admin dashboard serves for administering such requests. It provides an overview of all people linked to the project and those waiting to have their link to the project approved by a web admin.

Once a request for being linked to a project is approved by the project web admin (click green tick sign), contact cards of all people linked to the project show on the project Contacts page under People (under all the institutional contact cards with logos).

How can people request to be linked to their project?

First, they need to log in to their community account (My Interreg Europe) and go to About your organisation.

When they scroll down, they will find a question about their participation in a project. When they click Yes, a field for project acronym appears. They should select the acronym of the project(s) they are involved in. They can select multiple acronyms.

Once they update their profile with this new information (click Update), a notification is sent to the project web administrator. S/He then validates or declines their request in the User tab. Clicking on the green tick sign approves the link.

Once the request is approved, their contact card appears on the project page under Contacts and contains a symbol showing that they are in a project.

Only people involved in a project and able to share information about the project activities with others should be linked to it.