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My Interreg Europe Community

What is My Interreg Europe?

My Interreg Europe is the entry door to the online community of Interreg Europe.

By clicking on the link, you can log in to your account in the community. Or you can register, in case you are not a member yet.

Your account gathers information about your activity in the community. You can get an overview of:

  • the projects you are involved in
  • events you registered for
  • the project ideas you have published
  • your newsletter subscriptions
  • profiles of people you follow
  • profiles of project ideas you follow
  • good practices you have submitted and/ or follow

You can also get an access to the Platform expert support, given you filled in all the required fields in your My Interreg Europe profile.

Community members also get access to the Platform services to request policy advice, submit an application for a peer review and use the good practice database. The peer review application is reserved for public or managing authorities only.

What are the benefits of joining the Interreg Europe community?

When logged in to your Interreg Europe account, first, you get an overview of your activity in Interreg Europe (projects, project ideas, events, newsletter subscriptions, people you follow, good practices).

Second, you can get in contact with other members in the community. If you look for people with similar interests or linked to the project idea you follow, you can get to their contact card and send them an email through the system. Without login, your people or partner search gives you a list of names with no contact details.

Third, you can contact the Platform for expert support, given that you filled in all the required fields of your profile.

How can I interact with other members in the online community?

Each member of the Interreg Europe community has a profile card with contact button and information about his/her interests.

When you log in to your account, you can contact anyone in the community through their contact card (via their email or phone number, if available).

Our people search allows you to browse through the community according to a number of criteria. You can search for people:

  • interested in the same topic(s) as you
  • interested in project work, networking or other policy learning activities
  • representing a project, S3 platform or a managing authority
  • representing a good practice submitted to our database
What is the star sign on each member card for?

The star in the card corner allows members in the community to follow other people or ideas of interest.

If you find people of your interest (for example linked to a project or a good practice or interested in networking), by clicking on the star you can follow them. Their contact card will show in your Interreg Europe account under People you follow.

The same star is available also on project ideas and good practices published by the community members. If you follow any, your account will show them under Project ideas you follow and/ or Good practices.

If you change your mind, you can unclick the star and stop following a person, project idea or a good practice.

Can I follow a project?

No, there is no star sign on a project card to be clicked for following.

However, you can follow people directly involved in the project of your interest. Just check the Contacts page on the project page of your interest.

Moreover, many projects offer newsletter signup or other forms of engagement. Please check at each project website.

If you are directly involved in a project, you can link your account to it. See the question that follows.

How can I link my account to a project I am involved in?

First, log in to your community account and go to About your organisation.

Scroll down to questions at the bottom and click Yes on the question regarding the project partnership. A field for project acronym appears. Click in the field and select the acronym of the project(s) you are involved in. You can select multiple acronyms.

Please note that a web administrator of the project(s) needs to validate your request in order to be linked to the project.

Once your request is validated, your contact card appears on the project page under Contacts and your contact card contains a symbol showing that you are in a project.

Only people involved in a project and able to share information about the project activities with others should link to it.