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Google Analytics

How can we monitor our website performance?

We generate Google Analytics reports for you to monitor your project website performance.

At the beginning of each month, at least the lead partner and project communication manager will receive a report that includes some valuable data on how your website performed in the past month.

I have problems receiving the Google Analytics reports.

First, check with your lead partner (and the joint secretariat, if needed) whether you are one of the recipients of the report. Monthly reports on your website performance are sent to the lead partner, communication manager and possibly other web admins by email.

Second, check your spam box.

Sometimes the strict spam filters that organisations use block messages from Google Analytics. You could speak with your IT people to find out if this is the case. If possible, ask them to whitelist the sender [email protected]

How do I count the sessions for our progress report?

You can find an overview of all project sessions per each reporting period at this link. Just pick the PDF indicating the call in which your project was approved (1_call/ 2_call/ 3_call). You can compare your project website performance with the others.

The number in the PDF is an aggregation of all sessions at your project website per your reporting period, reported by Google Analytics to you on a monthly basis.