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Style of your content

Is there a style guide I have to follow?

Yes, there is. Your project website is integrated to the Interreg Europe one and it is important to ensure a certain coherence for our visitors.

So as a content editor, you should follow specific style guide rules presented in our Interreg Europe website – content style guide. You will find some of them also in this section.

How to make my texts easy to read?

Try to follow at least these principles:

  • Use short sentences (never go longer than 30 words).
  • Use everyday words and avoid jargon and acronyms whenever possible.
  • Use first and second personal pronouns to refer to your organisation and reader (we, us, and you).
  • Put the most important fact at the beginning of your text so that readers can find it easily.
  • Use bullet points rather than long paragraphs.
  • Use active sentences, not passive ones.

See more tips in our Interreg Europe website – content style guide.

What to avoid?

Try not to:

  • Write in BLOCK CAPITALS.
  • Underline text.
  • Use obliques ( / ).
  • Use abbreviations.
  • Use Latin.
  • Use jargon.
  • Be vague. 

How to organise my content?

Remember that on the web people usually scan instead of read. You need to adjust your content for your readers:

  • Divide your content into clear blocks of information.
  • Use images and videos as text dividers.
  • Use clear headlines and descriptive sub-headings.
  • Highlight keywords - make them bold, but avoid underlines.
  • Use bulleted or numbered lists.

 See more tips in our Interreg Europe website – content style guide.

How to encourage people to stay longer on your website?

If people arrive on your webpage, encourage them to explore more by following these tips: 

  • Use hyperlinks with descriptive labels. Avoid 'learn more', 'read more'. 
  • Use calls to action that link to your other content (read our good practice guide).
  • Use visuals: images, inforgraphics, etc.
  • Embed videos instead of linking them.
  • End articles with addtional links to related content.

 See more tips in our Interreg Europe website – content style guide.

Where can I find images for my project website?

We are collecting good quality, free to use images for you. Whenever you want to use an image, you have a possibility to chose from the pool. You can also:

  • Use images you took yourself.
  • Use images taken by a professional photographer for your project.
  • Search for copyright free images on the internet.

Good to know: In many cases photos that are ‘free to use’ still require you to mention the source

Note: Make sure you have the right to use all images you upload.

Is it possible to add images in between the text?

Yes, it is. Just click the image icon among the editing tools above the text field.

Please note that the system often shrinks the images. This is a bug that affects some users. Our developers are working on fixing it. Once it is done, we will let you know.