Please select a topic you are interested in from the list below. If you do not find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

Help and support

Where can I find support?

Log in to your admin account and start editing your project. On the top right you will see 'Need help?' button which takes you to this help page.

Here you can find many answers to your questions. Just explore this FAQ section or read the printable version of this guide.

If you really get stuck and can’t move forward, then contact your communication officer in the secretariat.

Note: If you are not the main communication manager of the project, please contact him/her first. Only the project’s communication manager should get in contact with us.

Who is my contact person?

Each project is followed by three people in our secretariat from project, finance and communication teams. Your lead partner is in regular contact with the project and finance officers.

When you are editing your website and you encounter problems you cannot solve, it is your communication manager who should contact the communication officer following your project. You can find the communication person responsible for your poject in this list.

Did you record a webinar with further guidance?

Yes, on 12 September 2019 we held a webinar for web administrators of fourth call projects. The discussed topics of the webinar were:

  1. how does the project website fits into the general Interreg Europe online ecosystem
  2. how to work in the website edit module, retain tips and avoid mistakes
  3. writing for the web
  4. what are the best channels to promote your website
  5. about the information included in your Google Analytics report

You can find the recording below: