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Extra pages

Can I create an additional page?

Yes you can add up to two extra pages, each of which can have up to two sub-pages:

Extra page 1

  •  Extra page 1 - sub page 1
  • Extra page 1 - sub page 2

Extra page 2 

  • Extra page 2 - sub page 1
  • Extra page 2 - sub page 2 

Note: It is not mandatory to add content to one or any of these pages, they are optional.

How to create an extra page?

1. Log in to your admin account and start editing your project.

2. Go to 'Extra pages' tab. On this page you will find fields connected  to the two extra pages you can add (each with two sub pages).

3. To start editing your extra page, fill in all the related fields: page title, page body, tags. Select also a nice cover image. On this page you can format your text according to your wishes, you can add links or embed videos. 

4. Save the changes.

5. Once you have finished adding content to your page, make sure that the checkbox labelled 'Enable page?' above the page title field is checked. Your extra page will become visible in the menu of your page. 

Repeat these steps for the second extra page and sub pages should you wish.

Tip: Take your time to prepare your content. Your extra pages will not be visible to the visitors of your website until you click 'Enable page?' field.

Note: If your extra pages do not show after refreshing (Ctrl+F5), check whether the boxes 'Enable page?' on each of your pages are checked.