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Can I update/ correct the contacts?

Yes. The contact details are automatically taken from the online system iOLF and therefore any changes need to be made there.

The information between iOLF and our website is synced once a week.

Follow the steps below or watch the tutorial (available below).

1. Log in to iOLF

2. On the homepage, look for 'Partner Contact detail' section

3. Go through the partners in the table and expand to see all the different versions that exist.

It is the latest 'submitted' version that will be synchronised on your project website. Latest submitted version means the most recent one (check date and time) and not version with the highest number.

What do other statuses mean?

'open' - you started working on a new form, you saved, but didn't submit to the system

'valid' - this version is the current official one, appearing in the application and/or progress report

4. In order to update / change contact details for a specific partner: select the corresponding partner > open a new version > make the desired changes > save > submit

Note: To change the contact details for a partner you need to be assigned to that partner.

In this video we show you how you can update the contact details in iOLF.


Can I add any information to the contacts?

Yes, on the project page you can add:

  • a website URL of the partner institution
  • a short description of the institution (limited to 160 characters)
  • a partner logo
  • exact GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) to reposition institution on partnership map

To update, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your admin account and start editing your project.

2. Go to 'Contacts' tab and add/edit the website, short description, the partner logo, GPS coordinates.

3. Save the changes you have made and they will show on the 'Contacts' page as well as on the partnership map.

Tip: Adding your partner logos makes your contact page more attractive. Make sure the image is 250x260px and maximum 1 Mb. See our video on how to adjust the logos.

How to resize your partner logos?

Watch the guidance video on how to resize your logo here.

 Note: Your institutional logo should be 250x260px and maximum 1Mb.