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Administration rights

How can I access my project admin account?

1. Go to 'My Interreg Europe' and log in. If you have the editing rights to your project website, you will see your project(s) under 'Activity' tab. 

2. In the actions column you will see two icons: a pen and a time. Click on the pen and it will take you to the editing mode of your website. Time icon will show you the history of the changes already made on your website.

Who can edit the project website?

Your project can assign one person or more to edit the project pages. If you have the rights to edit, upon log-in to your 'My Interreg Europe' account, you will see your project(s) under 'Activity' tab. If not, contact your lead partner who decides who gets the editing rights.

How to change/ add a project website administrator?

To add or remove project website administrator, the lead partner of the project shall edit the contact section in the online system iOLF. Follow the step-by-step instructions or the video tutorial below:

  1. Log in to the online monitoring system iOLF.
  2. At your dashboard, scroll down to Partner Contact Detail section and click on the lead partner line (1-LP)
  3. Once in the lead partner contact details section, click on the Manager tab
  4. Scroll to the very end of the Manager contact details page, to the Web admins section
  5. Create a new version of the page (see at the menu level), so that you can add/ edit/ delete emails of your project website administrators
  6. In the new version you can delete (click X sign), edit or add (click + button) emails. One email per line.
  7. Click Save and then Submit buttons (see at the menu level of the page)

Note: The person who you want to make a website administrator needs an account in the Interreg Europe community.
Remember to add the lead partner/ communication manager/ project manager emails among the web admins, if you want them to have access to the project website editing or google analytics reports.