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Policy Learning Platform

Who are the experts behind the platforms and how are they recruited?

The four thematic Policy Learning Platforms were launched in October 2016, one corresponding to each of the four priority areas of Interreg Europe. Each platform will offer a knowledge and education centre,  networking and partnering opportunities, an expert Helpdesk for policy advice, and expert support for policy learning.  A European call for tenders selected the team of experts gathering  the different kinds of expertise needed to deliver the platform services: for example, thematic specialisation in all policy fields covered by the platforms, experience in EU Cohesion policy, knowledge management and communication competences, moderation and facilitation of learning skills etc.

Is the use of the programme platforms mandatory for projects?

Yes. Partners in interregional cooperation projects should be actively involved in the work of the platforms during the lifetime of their project. Projects are required to report on their participation in policy learning platform activities in their progress reports. Projects should contribute to the platforms' content and share their knowledge and experience.

For instance, each region participating in a project has to feed in the platforms' interactive online interface interesting and innovative good practices developed in their region. Furthermore, projects should participate in platform events and can avail of platform services such as peer reviews or expert support for policy learning. They should also add a contact person for their specific policy field in order to create a community of regional practitioners throughout Europe.

How to budget the participation of my project in the platform activities?

We recommend that each project foresees participation in 8 to 12 programme related events over the lifetime of the project (depending on its duration). Those events include platform events. We suggest to count participation of two people (for example one representative of the lead partner and one representative of another project partner). Participation in the platform activities will be required during both phases of the project. The corresponding staff, travel and accommodation expenses should therefore be budgeted.

Is it allowed to use other already structured thematic online platforms?

Yes, it is. Each project can decide on activities and tools to use for the exchange of experience. Participation in another platform, if relevant for the exchange of experience, could be of added value for the policy learning process.