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Assistance to applicants

How can I find or become a partner in an Interreg Europe project?

You can use the partner search tool on our website. Become a member of the Interreg Europe community and search through the project ideas published by the community members. Some project ideas look for specific project partners. Contact the project idea owner and get your cooperation started.

We have also created specific groups on our LinkedIn page to facilitate your partner search. Join our group on project ideas and partner search and share your interest in becoming a project partner with other members. You can also decide to join one of the four thematic sub-groups, one for each of the specific Interreg Europe priority axes – research & innovation, competitiveness of SMEs, low carbon economy, and environment and resource efficiency.

I am working on an application to Interreg Europe and I need some support. How can the join secretariat help me?

The joint secretariat provides support to applicants through the following means:

I have an idea for a project proposal and I would like to be sure it fits the Interreg Europe programme. Is there a possibility to have a feedback from the joint secretariat on it?

During the assistance phase in the lead up to a call for proposals, the joint secretariat can provide feedback on project ideas that are submitted through the project idea feedback service, available to the members of the Interreg Europe community.

Applicants should beforehand use the online self-assessment tool to check whether their project idea is relevant for the programme. After having passed the self-assessment successfully and if the project idea is well advanced (i.e. topic already well defined, partners and policy instruments to improved identified, main activities defined), it is possible to ask for personalised feedback by logging in the community account and filling in a form with the project idea description.

The feedback will be provided orally via a 45-minute meeting (via phone or Internet) or in a written form, depending on the preference of the applicants. In any case, the following restrictions will be applied:

  • one feedback per project idea and user only - we therefore recommend requesting a feedback only once the project idea is sufficiently developed
  • requests for feedback will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis, with no guarantee that a request for feedback receives a reply

In addition to this service, some applicants may also receive feedback during national information days if consultations are planned by the national points of contact.

What is the official language of the programme?

English is the working language of the programme.