Brainport Development N.V. is an economic development agency based in Eindhoven, the heart of Brainport region in the southeast of the Netherlands. Working with representatives from industry, knowledge institutions, the government and the regional population to strengthen the Brainport Eindhoven top technology region. This region showcases high R&D intensity (+8% of GDP) with is focal sectors being High Tech Systems & Materials, Food, Automotive, Lifetech, and Design.

Brainport Development is also actively involved in the area of Health/eHealth. With its continued efforts to expand the Brainport Healthy Living Lab, there is also the working towards economic development for the region. For this reason the policy instrument which Brainport will be aiming at is the Interreg Vlaanderen – Nederland programme (Interreg Flanders – the Netherlands).

These efforts focused at the identified policy instrument will be to improve the efficiency of the public funding which is dedicated towards health innovation. More specifically some of the ambitions of creating more entrepreneurship and economic activity within the common field of health and technology, the stimulation of health innovation, and contributing to the prevention of the impending societal healthcare related problems.

Finally, Brainport Development has taken the role of Lead Partner upon herself to guide the project to its set ambitions. In this role, Brainport Development has the responsibility of overseeing all activities which are undertaken by the other Project Partners, engage in regular talks with the Interreg Joint Secretariat on the project progress, and ensuring efficient internal management of the project throughout.