16th of October, the project was presented at the OCTA Conference on Oceans - From the Poles to the Tropics, OCTs’ Blue Landscape. The conference will end today with the OCT Declaration on Ocean. The event gathers OCTs representatives and EU officials, as well as other key players in Ocean related overseas projects and policies, to discuss common priorities such as biodiversity, marine protected areas, marine pollution, research and innovation, blue economy, EU opportunities, etc.

The GROW RUP project presentation started with a brief introduction of the issues related with unemployment, the Plan Choc and how GROW RUP is one of the first steps to address this challenge. Then the different phases of the project were introduced (experience sharing, JIA, local workshops and Action Plans development). Finally, the different actions included in the Action Plans of the five partners of the project were presented. Emphasis was made on the actions directly related to blue growth. 

Please find attached the presentation and photos of the event.