Project good practices

Calheta Mariculture Center

Summary: Calheta Mariculture Center (CMC), whose function is to give technical scientific support to the sustainable development of marine aquaculture in Madeira Region.

Location: Região Autónoma da Madeira, Portugal


Summary: startNOW was an innovation accelerator program in Madeira Island. Entrepreneurs developed their business idea, while having tools to structure and implement it.

Location: Região Autónoma da Madeira, Portugal

The Agriculture School of Madeira

Summary: The Agriculture School of Madeira was created with the purpose of promoting the agricultural and food industry sectors with qualified human resources .

Location: Região Autónoma da Madeira, Portugal


Summary: ECOINNOVA – Center of cooperation for innovation in agricultural productivity and sustainability - is an initiative aimed at promoting innovation and employment

Location: Canarias, Spain (España)

Marca Açores - The Azores Brand

Summary: The identification of the Region with a synonymous brand of quality that differentiates the product from the most distinctive attributes of the Azores - nature,

Location: Alentejo, Portugal

Odyssea Caraibes Blue Growth

Summary: The Odyssea project aims to create and structure a large international nautical itinerary as a tool for blue growth of the South of Martinique and the Caribbean

Location: Martinique, France

Programme Territorial de Maîtrise Des Déchets

Summary: The Programme Territorial de Maitrise des Déchets aims to promote the developement of circular economy and improve waste management policies in Martinique.

Location: Martinique, France

Build in Green - Construye en Verde

Summary: The Build in Green project pursues to increase companies and workers competences in the sector of building and retrofitting regarding sustainability.

Location: Canarias, Spain (España)

TEECA : Trade Enhancement For Eastern Caribbean

Summary: The TEECA project intends to create durable and inclusive trade relations among Caribbean islands and enhance their competitiveness in the globalized world.

Location: Martinique, France

PEED - Stimulus Program to Promote Entrepreneurship Among the...

Summary: Encourage support the creation of self-employment by entrepreneurial unemployed people who have a technically,economically,financially viable business concept.

Location: Região Autónoma da Madeira, Portugal

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