Better access to funding and venture capital and increased environmental requirements in public procurement are needed to strengthen the competitiveness of green start-ups. 

The survey is part of the GRESS project, analyzing the climate for start-ups and spin-offs within the green economy. This analysis synthetizes the main findings and results of the survey carried out in the five project regions during spring 2020. The results show that, despite regional peculiarities, their green economy business ecosystems present several similarities. 

Most respondents underlined that private and public funding is not sufficiently adequate to support the development of new green start-ups and SMEs. Complex application and administration procedures next to high competition and selection criteria often discourage applicants in all regions from submitting project ideas. 

Also, in the years to come, a significant increase in jobs with a green profile is expected. However, the recruitment of green qualified and highly-skilled employees is considered a considerable challenge for green businesses, and universities and other educational institutions play an essential part in providing training and scientific skills. 

Finally, the public sector must enhance its role in supporting green businesses by taking the lead through improving public procurement procedures, applying legislative, regulatory changes and providing more specific incentives.

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