Competition - who among you can be the best driver for the new Sustainability Centre?

The municipality of Kristiansand has launched a competition for public support for the development and operation of the new Sustainability Centre.

The competition will open on April 29 with the application deadline of May 29.

The new centre is an essential initiative for green transformation and for achieving the city's climate and environmental goals. Through the competition, Kristiansand wants to identify and contract drivers who can develop the centre into a powerful green hub and meeting point for the city's population.

Inspired by the visit of the LeSerre Centre in Bologna last October, representatives from Kristiansand brought the idea back home. 

The Sustainability Centre will be a place for the exchange and development of sustainable ideas. It will offer courses and conferences for green entrepreneurs, a test centre for environmentally friendly building technology, urban roof cultivation, restaurants with short-lived foods with organic and vegan alternatives and office space. We have grand ideas and would like to challenge many of our competitors to think about new measures for green change.