Eco-Lighthouse invited regions and local governments to discuss sustainability and green innovation

EcoLighthouse is Norway's most widely used certification scheme for enterprises seeking to document their environmental efforts and demonstrate social responsibility. The Eco-Lighthouse certification scheme has been approved by the Norwegian public procurement authorities and is also is recognized by the EU. EcoLighthouse has a clear focus on SME's.

EcoLighthouse invited regions and local governments to Oslo 28th November, to present the latest improvements of the certification tool and to discuss how local governments work with sustainability and green innovation.

Ms Solvor Stølevik (photo), environmental adviser at Kristiansand municipality/City of Kristiansand gave an introduction to how Kristiansand and the municipal organisation is working to reach the EU 2030 goals for climate and the Paris agreement, including an introduction to the Interreg Europe GRESS project on how the city can collaborate with startups and small businesses through public procurement, new building projects, maintenance of buildings, energy efficiency, digital tools, circular economy, waste etc. Nearly 50 persons from municipalities and regions attended the meeting.