StartOff a new program for start-ups that want the public sector as a customer 

Many start-up companies experience that public procurement processes are lengthy, time-consuming and detailed. The Norwegian government is now launching StartOff, making cooperation between the public sector and start-up companies easier. 

We need the creativity and innovative power that exists in the start-up environments if we are to succeed in solving the challenges of the future while at the same time providing the population with good welfare services. That is why we are launching a new program for start-up companies today, says Nikolai Astrup, Minister of Local Government and Modernization 

Every year, the public sector purchases goods and services for around NOK 600 billion. How we use that money is of great importance for how digital, innovative and sustainable the public sector we get and what kind of business we get, says Astrup. 

The goal is for StartOff to reduce the threshold for cooperation between the public sector and start-up companies and thus contribute to more innovation in the public sector and more viable start-up companies in the private sector. 

Less than 30 per cent of start-up companies in Norway have a public customer today. At the same time, 80 per cent say they want it. Therefore, my call to public enterprises is quite clear: Use StartOff, says Astrup. 

You find more information here (only in Norwegian).