Re-connecting cities with nature in the time of Covid-19: the Metropolitan City of Bologna presents the GRESS project at the International Exhibition ECOMONDO 2020 

ECOMONDO is one of the most important European events in the field of technological and industrial innovation that every year offers the opportunity to bring together all sectors of the green and circular economy on a single platform.

This year, the International Exhibition in partnership with industrial associations, ministries and other institutions, research institutions, the European Commission and the OECD, examined and discussed the main new developments, needs, critical issues and opportunities in the transition towards an environmentally sustainable and climate-neutral economy. 

The discussion of these issues could not be separated at this historical moment from the presentation of an overview of ongoing studies (in technical and health terms), experiences, knowledge and variables involved in the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

With a multidisciplinary approach, the Metropolitan City of Bologna presented the scope and purpose of the GRESS project and the results collected so far, during the seminar "Air pollution and Covid-19".

The GRESS insights on policies fostering green entrepreneurship, were useful to integrate the analyses carried out during the session on the possible consequences of the worsening environmental scenarios, proposing actions that could mitigate the most dramatic effects and reverse trends: the development of the green economy and a decisive transition towards more sustainable production models.

The Covid-19 has made clear the interconnection among human, environmental and economic health, but from these threats is also possible to obtain new opportunities. The ECOMONDO Event helped to reaffirm, once again, how today there is the possibility to push for a green restart, with the contribution and support of all the actors.