Pixel Skåne's film festival, the meeting place for young Scandinavian filmmaking, was arranged in Ystad and at Ystad Studios Visitor Center on the 27th of April 2019. The festival looks into the film industry of the future; sustainable filmmaking, debuting talents and new distribution channels.

This year, the festival is located at Ystad Studios Visitor Center. This means that the entire large building on the regiment will be opened to the public and film industry, with showrooms built up in the film studios and activities for young and old inside the Ystad Studios Visitor Center.

Green Screen partner Ystad is co-hosting the film festival and arranged the breakfast and an exhibition about Green Screen and the global goals. A few good examples where exhibited.

- We also arranged a dissemination event were our expert David Helsing presented the results in his former case study about film production in Skåne, what has been done and what will be done, and also about Green Screen, says Petra Rundqvist, project leader and film strategist at Ystad Municipality.

Green filming specialist David Helsing was invited to inspire new filmmakers to think green right from the start.