The conference took place on March 21st 2019 in the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga, Spain and was officially opened by Ms. Gema del Corral - Culture Councilor of Málaga City Hall, Mr. Juan Antonio Vigar - Director of the Málaga Film Festival, Mr. Adrian Wotton - CEO of Film London and Mr. Francisco Salas - CEO of Promálaga.

The event gathered many experts from different countries within Europe including directors, screenwriters, writers, representatives of film and television production agencies, film commissions and film funds, film festivals as well as national and regional authorities who gave evidence of the effectiveness of sustainable actions taken in the film and television productions. The ‘Green Screen’ project was honoured to host during the conference in particular Ms. Jess Hines - Chief Consultant of Purpose, Mr. Ralf Ivarsson - CEO of Film I Skane, Mr. Jaime Alejandre - General Deputy Director of Promotion and International Relations of the Spanish Ministry of Culture, Ms. Edurne Rubio - Chief of Engagement of Greenpeace Spain, Ms. Silvia Araez - Managing Director of Fresco Film, Ms. Melanie Dicks – Greenshoot, Ms. Radka Babincova - cofounder of Bright Sight Pictures and Mr. Chad Muserlian - Executive Producer of The Brownie Film Co.

The discussion that accompanied all presentations and expert panels showed that film and culture can be strong change makers. Furthermore, taking sustainable actions into the practice may not only be a source of real money savings in the production budget and create a positive image, but for many professionals this industry and its suppliers also becomes a natural style of work and life, translating into effective resource management.

The conference was accompanied by the Round table meeting during which the Green Screen project partners, experts and stakeholders from partner regions worked on four key topic:

  • how film and culture can help and inspire the change,
  • focus on policy and how policy makers can support sustainability,
  • how to protect our heritage sites and national parks during shooting,
  • practical aspects of implementing sustainability in the production process, through a range of measures including the supply chain.
  • The Round Table discussion fed into the action plans of individual regions that will be elaborated by the end of 2019 and then implemented in a two-year period. As a conclusion, two strategic areas were established for the future: to improve the education in order to incorporate sustainability issues in the audio-visual training; and to propose an uniform measurement at a European level, in regards to sustainability.

Let’s go green on screen!