Founding member of the collective project Ecoprod, Film Paris Region organized a meeting between members of the Ecoprod charter. The aim was to present the new charter conceived more pedagogically and available on the Ecoprod website. This tool allows its users to enter into an eco-responsible approach for their companies and to think of solutions to go further in the eco-responsibility within their activity and with their employees.

The presence of experts in green IT and new technologies, from the various actors in the production chain from the producer to the post-production company, allowed everyone to discuss the different methods to practice eco-production, discuss together problems encountered, keeping abreast of the latest innovations in order to move more easily towards a new way of working and producing more respectful of the environment. Among the members present were Rectangle Productions and Easy Tiger, Team'TO, and technical service providers, Merceneries Engenering.

The National Film Center has also presented the ecological component of financial support to technical industries, useful to support service providers in their move towards more eco-friendly services (research and development, impact study ...).

This meeting was organized as part of the Green Screen project, funded by the Interreg program of the European Union.