The event takes place at Cinema Nova in Brussels and the central theme is sustainability.  Different speakers will showcase the different aspects of sustainability.

  • Tim Wagendorp, sustainability coordinator at VAF will introduce the sustainable development goals as a moral compass. What sustainable roles can one play as a cinema or film festival? 
  • Cinema Nova (Marie-Eve Cosemans), our host, will tell us more about their organisation and their vision about their societal role.
  • Cinema Fyrisbiografen from Uppsala (Sweden) won the Eurpa Cinemas Award 2018. Olle Algebro will explain why.
  • Ancienne Belgique, a Brussels based concert hall, are a school example of sustainability. As they are based in the city centre, Marc Vrebos will focus on transport / logistics.
  • O’Brother Distribution will present new films
  • FoCI financially supports infrastructural improvements in cultural organisations. Jasper Standaert explains the do’s and don’ts.
  • The Filmclub brings films and school children together. Sofie Mercier and Leen Vanderschueren tell us more about their mission.
  • Lore Mariën (OVAM) and Finn Van Dinter (Pulse)
  • The Searchers distribution present their new films.
  • Cinema Lewes Depot (UK) send us Carmen Slijpen. She is the heart and soul of this inspiring organisation.

After a network lunch, Cinemaximiliaan will screen seven short films (starting at 14 pm).  Braided Love (Rand Abou Fakher), Screaming in silence (Marof Hakimi), Transit (Anastasia Zolkina), After Life (Louay Dabous), Letter from Brussels (Omar Al Samarrai), Cheers! (Angela Al-Souliman) and Undocumented Love (Fatma Osman).
The workshop will take place on 13th December in Brussels (starting at 9.30 am). For more info about the event and inscription: [email protected]