The Ecoprod collective, which aims to reduce the ecological footprint of French audiovisual productions, has signed a partnership with the eco-organization Screlec-Batribox. It aims to organize the collection and recycling of portable batteries used in audiovisual productions. Another step towards environmental awareness in this sector.

The audiovisual sector is increasingly involved in the subject.
The Ecoprod collective was launched in 2009 by 6 actors of the environment and audiovisual sectors: ADEME, AUDIENS, the Ile-de-France Film Commission, DIRRECTE IDF, France Télévisions and TF1. They were then joined by the Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l’Image Animée, the Pôle Média du Grand Paris. Aware of the magnitude of the sector’s ecological footprint, estimated at 1 million tons of CO2 equivalent each year, these players wanted Ecoprod to support production by offering them simple and practical tools to reduce their environmental impact. In 2010, the collective launched Carbon’ Clap, the first carbon footprint calculator dedicated to audiovisual productions. In 2012, Ecoprod launched the eco-production guide, followed by the Audiovisual Enterprise Charter, which has been signed by 120 companies to date. Since 2016, eco-designed productions have been able to receive the Ecoprod sticker which values their approach.

A promising partnership
As part of a joint project on waste management, Screlec-Batribox, the eco-organization in charge of collecting and recycling used batteries, and Ecoprod have signed a partnership agreement to offer concrete solutions to the audiovisual sector.

Screlec-Batribox undertakes to inform members of the Ecoprod Charter on the regulatory framework related to articles R543-128 of the Environmental Code. The eco-organization will also deploy its collection programme for used cells and batteries and will carry out awareness-raising campaigns for companies in the audiovisual sector. Screlec-Batribox will remove and process this equipment from the sector’s activities free of charge.

"We are delighted with this partnership, which aims to raise awareness among companies in the audiovisual sector of the recycling of their used batteries. It illustrates the desire of our eco-organization to encourage its industrial partners to implement an optimized and responsible management of their waste." Emmanuel TOUSSAINT-DAUVERGNE, Managing Director of Screlec-Batribox.

"It is very important that the audiovisual sector has access to relevant eco-organizations in order to have access to their know-how. This partnership is one more step in the sustainable development approach of the Ecoprod collective." Joanna GALLARDO, Ile-de-France Film Commission, founding member of Ecoprod.

Press contacts :
Screlec-Batribox – Agnès Kempf • Phone: +33 1 44 10 82 95 • [email protected]
Ecoprod - Yann Marchet • Phone: +33 1 56 88 12 88 • [email protected]

Screlec-Batribox is a non-profit eco-organization accredited by the public authorities whose dual mission is to take charge of the collection and recycling of used batteries and to make citizens aware of the selective collection of this waste. Screlec-Batribox has designed a national collection program for the general public and professionals, including collection and awareness tools.

Ecoprod is a collective launched by players of the audiovisual sector to engage the industry in taking into account its environmental footprint. The collective is currently composed of ADEME, the Audiens Group, the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’ Image Animée, the Ile-de-France Film Commission, France Télévisions, Pôle Media Grand Paris, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’ Azur Region and TF1, with the support of the Ile-de-France DIRECCTE (Ministry of Economy and Industry).
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