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Focus on VAFs ‘e-Mission’ – Tim Wagendorp

After our report on our French colleagues at Ecoprod last month, we got curious to look across the border more often to see what our different neighbors are up to. This month: the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF) and their e-Mission program. We reported on their groundbreaking initiative in the past when it was still in its infancy. These days they are many steps ahead and still with the frontrunners in Europe in terms of sustainability.

Since 2013, the e-Mission program encourages all film and media productions supported by VAF to produce sustainably. Starting from pre-production, they are counseled by a sustainability coordinator. The support consists of a sustainability training, workshops and set visits. In order to receive the last 10% installment of a VAF grant, each production must follow this sustainability program and use the carbon calculator. The results are impressive: back in 2013 a Flemish film was emitting an average of 83 tonnes of CO2, but by 2015 this was reduced to 54 tonnes.

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