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Regional guide for events and meetings


This guide is intended to inspire meeting and event organisers to work more...

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Green Screen newsletter no 2


Good practices, updates and more about sustainable filming in Europe.

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Green Film Criteria for Southern Sweden


Green Film Criteria for the Southern Swedish Context. A case study of ...

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Dissemination event in Brussels


December 13th the Flanders Audiovisual Fund organizes a dissemination event in...

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Learnings from eco production in France


Ile-de-France welcomed 30 professionals to show the work it has been doing since...

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Best practice in audiovisal production


A list of agencies, organisations and initiatives to act as a sign post for...

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Workshop on production in protected nature areas


Workshop Podkarpackie voivodship, Poland, on film and TV production in green and...

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Baseline Study Executive Summary


Read about opportunities and challenges for the AVP sector and their suppliers.

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Film studios key location in sustainability work


On a workshop visit to Castel Film Studios outside Bucharest, partners had the...

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Newsletter no 1


Green Screen's first newsletter is out. Read all about saving money and energy...

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New guide for sustainable filming


Screen Brussels has launched a road map for sustainable filming. Part of the...

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Greening a short film – Baby Gravy


Sustainable practice is achievable for productions of all sizes, low-budget...

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