A Film Festival on Cultural Routes will be held in Monte Sant’Angelo (FG) – Italy, from the 4th to the 7th October 2018.

This event is a film festival dedicated to the paths, to the pilgrims and to the strong relationship between territory and pilgrimage.

On the 4th of October a round table is scheduled: its entitled “Cammini di Puglia: international experiences, projects, interregional collaborations and local networks for the development and promotion of the Cultural Routes”.

To this meeting Ms. Anna Introna will participate as referent of the Puglia Region for Green Pilgrimage Project, and Mr. Angelofabio Attolico as referent of the Puglia Region for the paths and cultural routes. During this meeting,  Ms. Introna will also share and inform stakeholders and all participants about the projects, its activities and goals.

This round table represents the stakeholders meeting for the second semester 2018 realised by Puglia Region in the frame of Project Green Pilgrimage

GREEN PILGRIMAGE is a project funded by the Interregional Cooperation Programme INTERREG EUROPE 2014/2020. The project has as strategic priority the study and analysis of the regional Policies of five European regions belonging to five nations (Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Romania and Italy) related to sustainable tourism and the enhancement of cultural and natural heritage as leverage for the growth of territories, with particular reference to the themes of the paths and pilgrimages.